Glashaus Coworking Space

When looking into a coworking space near you, you will find several hot desk options available. You’ll come across large and modern coworking spaces that can host even hundreds of people at a time. However, you will also find smaller coworking spaces that host just a small group of people at a time. While there are perks for both options, in this blog we will tell you why you should look into getting yourself a hot desk in a smaller coworking space.

 Easier to fit in within a community

Given the small number of people that would fit within a smaller coworking space, it becomes easier to fit in within the community that has found a home there. While in larger coworking spaces it’s easier to form cliques of people that sit in your immediate surroundings, in a smaller coworking space, everyone is seated within your immediate surroundings, making it easier to get to know everyone.

The space is also quieter, therefore allows better concentration

The more people in an office, the easier it is to get distracted and waste a lot of time chatting instead of focusing on your work. A smaller coworking space is quieter and more intimate, allowing you to have long moments of pure concentration on your work. 

It’s easier for you to find a slot to make use of a private boardroom

While understanding that the concept of a coworking space means that you’re sharing a space with other people, sharing a space with a smaller group means more flexibility and availability of the board room for any private meetings.

Less people linked to the same internet connection

Most business won’t run without having a stable connection to the internet, therefore ensuring that this is available all the time is an absolute must. When renting a desk at a smaller coworking space, you are guaranteed less devices to be linked to the same internet network, and therefore guaranteed a connection that is less.

Given that you’re here and seemingly interested in the concept of coworking, we want to start you off in  your search for the ideal space, by telling you a bit about our coworking space located in Gżira, a stone’s throw away from Sliema and St Julian’s. Over at Glashaus we offer a modern work space in a small office setting to provide our clients with the opportunity to network while avoiding distractions that may come along with larger spaces hosting larger numbers of people. We offer a relaxed atmosphere, free coffee, tea & water, internet, awesome people, and stunning sea views of Valletta and the yacht harbour. When joining our Glashaus family, you can choose from a range of super flexible short- and long-term leases. Whether you just need a virtual office community, a hot desk, or even your own private office – we have the right solution for you.