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Did you know that introverts can also thrive in a coworking space? Here’s how!

May 12, 2022

Coworking spaces are mostly known and sought after for the opportunity to widen one’s circle and network. However this does not mean that those who consider themselves as introverts should shy away from such a space. In this blog, we tell you all about how introverts can also thrive and benefit from a coworking space.

Many  tend to think that introverts like to be alone all the time, when the truth is, introverts take interaction and networking in small doses and most times would require alone time in order to recharge their brains and strengths. So what does an introvert need to do in order to also benefit from all that a coworking space environment has to offer?

Do not be afraid to step out of that which makes things comfortable.

A lot of the time, introverts tend to stay in their little bubble of comfort because that’s where they feel the safest. However, some of the greatest strides and achievements in life are acquired once one steps out of places where they feel comfortable. So how can an introvert step out of their comfort zone at a coworking space? They can start by looking at the people around them and analyse them a little. It’s likely that just like them, they’re also introverts. Rather than joining  a group conversation, an introvert can try to strike up smaller conversations on a one-to-one basis. Maybe with those in their immediate surroundings. By getting to know the people around them, introverts start feeling more comfortable within the coworking space and suddenly  they feel more relaxed with their surroundings.

It’s not news to say that small talk is not really an introvert’s bread and butter. However, they can also end up contributing something meaningful among the banter that would create a connection for them. Teaming up with an extrovert could also help introverted people integrate better within their surroundings as they push them to go out of their comfort zone and be part of something bigger.

Push yourself to attend events, even if it’s once in a while

Whether organised by the coworking space itself, or the group of coworkers band together, events tend to happen quite frequently. The frequency of such events may end up frightening an introvert who just wants to sit at their desk, finish their working  day, and go back home in peace. However, attending an event every once in a while would help any introvert feel more part of the team. While at first, such events may seem to be a headache in the making for many introverts, they can end up serving as a great way to break the ice and make some new connections. Many times, the event itself will help people find common ground to strike up conversations.

Find moments during the day or spaces at the coworking office that will allow you to recharge

As mentioned previously, many introverts end up needing space and time to recharge following periods of conversations. Moments where it’s just them and their thoughts, without anyone to have to debate them with. Therefore it is important that after periods of time spent interacting with others, they take some time to recharge. This can be done by sitting at their desk and putting on headphones. Additionally, if they’re lucky, the coworking space they form part of can offer quiet zones that would allow them to simply focus on their tasks without unnecessary interruptions.

Join a smaller coworking space

Joining a smaller coworking space could also be a great option for introverts that want an alternative space to work from. While smaller coworking spaces can offer a tighter community feel, most of the time they also allow more room for concentration and getting work done. Therefore, introverts will find they have less people they need to interact with, while also benefiting from the community feel that comes with every coworking space.

Speaking about smaller coworking spaces, let us take a moment to tell you a bit about our coworking space located in Gżira, a stone’s throw away from Sliema and St Julian’s. Over at Glashaus we offer a modern work space in a small office setting to provide our clients with the opportunity to network while avoiding distractions that may come along with larger spaces hosting larger numbers of people. We offer a relaxed atmosphere, free coffee, tea & water, internet, awesome people, and stunning sea views of Valletta and the yacht harbour. When joining our Glashaus family, you can choose from a range of super flexible short- and long-term leases. Whether you just need a virtual office community, a hot desk, or even your own private office – we have the right solution for you.


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Glashaus Coworking Space
Did you know that introverts can also thrive in a coworking space? Here’s how!