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It’s now easier to be a digital nomad in Malta…and here’s why!

April 10, 2022

With the rise in the number of digital nomads around the world, countries have been working on  finding ways in which these modern workers can be welcomed and accommodated. One such country is Malta. 

Ever since Malta became a hub for gaming companies, the country started to attract several digital expats. This allowed Malta to develop into a multicultural country that hosts a growing nomad family. Additionally, this nomad way of life has been working wonders also in pushing traditional workplaces, particularly in Malta, into adopting a new corporate culture that includes leisure, and a growth in work hubs and coworking spaces that allow room for these remote workers to truly be part of the local community.

Back in June 2021, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Malta launched its Nomad Residence Permit. This permit allows people to move to Malta for up to a year (following which the permit would need to be renewed), while keeping their employment in  another country. The permit is open to individuals who can work remotely using telecommunications technology. Those applying to join Malta’s island life need to prove that their job can in fact be done remotely, that they work for someone or that they offer freelance or consultancy services that allow them a minimum of €2,700 in earnings per month.

This permit is  open to individuals from third countries, who would normally require a Visa to travel to Malta. Additionally, those who would like to come to Malta and experience this nomad way of life on these beautiful Mediterranean islands for less than a year, can instead be granted a National Visa for the length of their stay.

All you need to know when applying for the Nomad Residence Permit

  • Applicants must first be Non-EU nationals
  • They reach a gross income of €2,700 per month
  • They fall under one of the following categories:
    • Work for a company registered outside of Malta (the applicant must be a partner or a shareholder)
    • Work for an employer registered in a foreign country and have an employment contract
    • Offer freelance or consulting services to clients residing in foreign countries.
  • Applicants who fall under one of these categories must:
    • Hold a valid travel document
    • Have a health insurance policy
    • Buy or Rent Property in Malta
    • Pass a background verification check

And how does one go about applying?

  1. First they must complete all of the documents required by the Residency Malta Agency.
  2. The documents are to be submitted digitally.
  3. Once the documents are submitted, the applicant will receive  instructions to pay an administrative fee.
  4. This will then get the application to be reviewed by the Agency and the Maltese Authorities.
  5. The individual will then be contacted via email once the process is complete.
  6. Following all this, the applicant would need to submit biometric data for the Nomad Residence Permit or National Visa, which will lead to the conclusion of the process.

What awaits in Malta for those successfully registered digital nomads?

  1. Sea and sun – island life will be the first thing that welcomes any person stepping onto Malta’s land.
  2. Knowing how to speak English is all you need! Everyone on the islands, including the elderly speak or understand English given that it’s an official language and the language used when doing business.
  3. Malta also has high speed internet connection, with nationwide 5G available making it even easier for anyone working remotely.
  4. Given its strategic positioning in the middle of the Mediterranean, the island is perfectly placed for anyone wanting to explore Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
  5. It boasts a top-notch health care system offering accessible services through a main hospital, several Government health centres and a number of private hospitals and clinics.
  6. Offers several coworking spaces for new residents to integrate within the Maltese communities and create new contacts and relationships that could lead to growing  their businesses and operations.

Speaking about the concept of coworking, let us take a moment to tell you a bit about our coworking space located in Gżira, a stone’s throw away from Sliema and St Julian’s. Over at Glashaus we offer a modern work space in a small office setting to provide our clients with the opportunity to network while avoiding distractions that may come along with larger spaces hosting larger numbers of people. We offer a relaxed atmosphere, free coffee, tea & water, internet, awesome people, and stunning sea views of Valletta and the yacht harbour. When joining our Glashaus family, you can choose from a range of super flexible short- and long-term leases. Whether you just need a virtual office community, a hot desk, or even your own private office – we have the right solution for you.


Start Coworking at Glashaus in Gzira.

Glashaus Coworking Space
It’s now easier to be a digital nomad in Malta…and here’s why!