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Top 10 Must-Go to Events in Malta for Entrepreneurs

February 13, 2020

Malta invites it’s national and international people to a wide variety of events all year round. Whatever your interest may be, Malta is sure to find events and programs that will appeal to you.

Malta is the place to be if you are looking for new ideas and trends, want to hear inspiring speakers speak about your profession or opportunities you can catch up on, or maybe you just want to find like-minded people to share ideas with and connect with. You can easily enhance your knowledge in this easy and effective way.

You are in the right place to discover the most beneficial events to attend as an entrepreneur. These events raise the bar every year making themselves more and more outstanding each year with their unique gatherings, leaving their audiences and guests amazed and fascinated.

Here are some of the most interesting events to look forward to in 2020:

Fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management (19 February)

This event is introducing the concept of enterprise risk management and the importance of identifying and managing an organization’s risks from a holistic perspective.

Whether you are working in HR, Information Technology, Legal, Operations or in other departments you can gain useful knowledge from this, as all management is risk management.

Risk management should be always collectively handled, therefore this course is essential for anyone in managerial or executive positions.

Personal Tax Refresher | Employment Income (19 February)

This course is very useful to those who work as practitioners or house-accountants, especially those who are more frequently are involved in personal tax matters. It can be also helpful to those who are simply interested in personal income tax. By the end of this event, you will get a clear overview of the taxation of employment income.

Women in STEM – An evening of discussion (20 February)

In the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) women are still to this day underrepresented. In this event, you can listen to some of these women talking about their own experiences and struggles and how you could avoid or jump over these obstacles in the future.

After gaining knowledge in these fields of professions the attendees of this event can apply it in practice as the schedule includes a part where you need to create your own action plan, based on what you learned.

For each discussion the speaker will explain their experiences with the subject, then the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions as well.

Sales & Negotiations for Financial Institutions (25-26 February)

Selling and Negotiating is part of our everyday lives, we all have the needed skill to do these tasks. What this event focuses on is how to improve those skills in order to enhance your relationship with your clients. The event includes case studies covering banking and insurance products.

Recommended for:

  • Financial Institutions Senior Sales Executives 
  • Financial Institutions and Insurance Sales Managers 
  • Financial Institutions Business Managers

Are You Stuck With Your Book Work – Workshop (26 February)

Another event organized by businesswomen, featuring Joannie Grima from June Finance who is a qualified female account here in Malta. The workshop takes approximately 2 hours. It helps all the attendees to gain basic knowledge about accounting, showing them the practical side as well as the theoretical parts of this profession.

Marketing Kingdom Malta 2 (6 March)

This event brings together some of the most stimulating and forward-thinking people in the world. Featuring inspirational speakers who worked with world-leading brands. By attending this event you’ll get inspired and motivated, and it will provide you with a world-class education in marketing and social media.

Building Your Vision – Your Future is in Your Hands (10 March)

It’s a free networking event for women. The aim is to give you clarity about the importance of a future vision, both personally and professionally. You will learn how to set the goals that are essential for this vision moreover, they’ll talk about the needed mindset for achieving them.

It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know and connect with like-minded people.

“MINGLE” – A Female Networking Event! (1 April)

Purchasing a ticket to “MINGLE” will also give you FREE registration as a WOMM Member Supporter on their Private FB Group to promote your business weekly and some other perks. Word Of Mouth Malta is a Community Hub for Women in Business, it offers all businesswomen to help and support each other through their journey.

Through MINGLE you can build connections and get to know other businesswomen moreover, you can also promote yourself through this networking event, gain leads and improve your business.

Works as a speed dating, only you talk about business, each person has 15 minutes to introduce themselves and their profession.

ITC Malta (11 – 14 June)

This organization offers an industry event for distributors, retailers, traders, resellers & wholesalers. Since this event series has been established almost a decade ago it also became a place for companies to build their businesses and new connections with like-minded ones.

Build your network through this event and establish long-lasting relationships.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights (19 June, 5 October)

The purpose of this event is to offer a clear understanding of Industrial and Intellectual Property law.  This program also offers some actual case studies covering the basics learned throughout the event.  The program is ideal for CEOs, brand executives, brand consultants, designers, R&D managers, accountants, professionals, management consultants, business students, entrepreneurs and brand owners.

You will gain understanding, awareness, and competence and will make use of them during the session.


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Top 10 Must-Go to Events in Malta for Entrepreneurs