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Top 5 Do’s & Don’ts of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces offer excellent work environments for freelancers, startups, and established businesses. The unique blend of creativity, skills, and hard work result in an atmosphere that is hard to resist. But, to channel all of this inspiring energy into building something successful, a little bit of etiquette needs to be set in place. Here are our top five Do’s and Don’ts of working in shared office spaces like our Glashaus in Malta:

Do: Socialise and Network

A coworking office is the ideal work-place-setting to meet hard-working people regularly. It creates just the right environment to form ties with creative minds coming from various industry backgrounds. Make sure to take advantage and have a look at the businesses and great ideas that have settled on the desk right next to you. Don’t be shy; a friendly conversation over a steaming cup of coffee could turn into an exciting partnership opportunity – you never know!

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Don’t: Hog all the Office Equipment

You spend hours on end to get ahead of your workload, scamming through page long to-do lists, in a Buddha-like concentration mode – and then you forgot. About all the equipment that you collected on your desk and that others have been looking for all day. Ups. 

Of course, you want to take full advantage of all the handy office perks that come with the coworking space, but don’t be selfish about it. Once you finished a task, take the shared utilities back to where they belong so others can use them, too. Should you have to take the printer or copy machine hostage, make sure to inform coworkers before you start your marathon.

Do: Be Mindful of Others

Treating others with respect and accepting their boundaries is common sense. But we all know too well that on hectic business days, things can get turned upside down quickly. So, as a friendly reminder for those busy afternoons, be mindful towards the people working around you:

  • Keep the noise down and use headphones when possible or move conversations to designated areas (like our balcony with a fantastic view over the marina, Manoel Island, and Valetta in the background)
  • Respect other peoples working spaces and don’t invade without invitation
  • Clean up after you: Leave the kitchen clean and tidy, and put things back to where they belong
  • If you find something doesn’t work as it should, or any recourses are about to run out (ink cartridges, COFFEE ..) tell the manager
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Don’t: Sales Pitches in Coworking Areas

We know it, you know it. The services and products your working on are fantastic, and we really want you to succeed with your business. However, a coworking area is just not the right place for a sales pitch. It is perfectly okay to mention what you are so passionate about in a conversation over a cup of coffee, but don’t turn the office kitchen into a full-blown sales pitch. If your office-buddies find the topic to be interesting, they will approach you, if not – leave it there. Asking for advice or feedback, on the other hand, are legitimate. Most people will be glad that you value their opinion, and you might be able to return the favor.

Do: Respect Other Peoples Privacy

Yes, shared office spaces are inspiring environments that make socializing and networking easy and fun. However, every business needs some privacy once in a while. This becomes especially important should competitors happen to rent some desks in the same premises. Try to keep your eyes off other peoples screens, don’t eavesdrop on conversations or phone calls and needless to say, desks and documents are off-limits. Should you happen to come across something that wasn’t meant for your eyes, then treat it as you would like others to handle your business secrets. Mutual respect for privacy needs is essential in any kind of workplace setting.

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Bonus: Enjoy the Experience of a Shared Office Space

No matter if this is your first time on a hot desk in a coworking space or you have already rented out a designated one for months, don’t forget to enjoy the experience. Being able to work within the same walls as like-minded people offers an endless supply of unique opportunities. All while the shared office concept turns hard work and networking into something enjoyable and adds significantly to your overall work-life-balance. If you would like to read more about the advantages of shared office spaces, make sure to check out our other blog posts.

So, step out of the isolation of your home office and ditch the overpriced coffee shop latte – we’re waiting for you at our coworking space Glashaus in Malta!


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Top 5 Do’s & Don’ts of Coworking Spaces