Virtual Office

Book a Virtual Office membership at Glashaus Work Space for twelve (12) months. With our virtual office, you can register your business at our co-working space address in Malta, receive mail and have it forwarded to you.


Virtual Office in Malta

You may not have the need for permanent office space, yet want a business address in Malta that can help you grow your business? Whether you are a small startup or a digital nomad traveling the world – a Virtual Office at Glashaus is the answer. With our Virtual Office membership, you can:

  • Register your business address.
  • Store your company’s documents.
  • Receive mail and make use of our other services.
  • Optional: Have your own Maltese phone number (VOIP) with phone forwarding.

Feel empowered knowing you can create a great business presence from any part on the globe with the ability to expand into new markets; all with tremendous cost savings. Build your customers’ trust and grow your business from anywhere!