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This is how coworking spaces are revolutionising the future of work…

March 3, 2022

One trend that is for sure revolutionising the future of work is the increased popularity of coworking spaces. The more people evolve and grow, the more their priorities change. They become more ambitious, they require more freedom and among other things they require to be their own boss. With added freedom, come added responsibilities and in turn added expenses, and in order to diminish these expenses, when for instance one looks for an office to operate from, they end up favouring using a coworking space over renting out a full office space which they  might not properly make use of because their business venture is still too small.

The first coworking space was first opened back in 2005, and since then the concept spread worldwide, now soaring over 35,000 coworking spaces available around the globe. The popularity grew throughout the years because of the geniality of what coworking spaces had  to offer. Now you can avoid renting out a full office, just get yourself a desk within an office space, for a cheaper price, while still benefiting from all that a private office space can give you. Additionally, you don’t need to stay worrying about liaising with a pesky landlord as this is done for you!

While in the beginning, with several lockdowns in place, Covid-19 proved to be a great stumbling block for the coworking world, following the release of the vaccine and the re-opening to businesses, coworking spaces increased in popularity again. Following the period of turmoil, many businesses, particularly small ones, ended up losing quite a bit of money, meaning they needed to cut down on expenses. If the employees could work remotely, many even ended up giving up rent of their physical offices, and shifting their business online to cut down on expenses. For these people, coworking spaces started to be seen as a better option than official premises specifically rented out for their operations.

When one tries to identify what will be the future of work following the realities we’ve been living in, one would say it’s hard to say.  However, one can already see just how coworking spaces will continue to be part of the solution for many current and future businesses due to all the benefits that they can offer. But what are these opportunities exactly?

 They’re spaces that allow your creativity to flourish

Being creative is important in all parts of a person’s life, especially when it comes to work. Coworking spaces tend to be a great motivator for creativity. The way coworking spaces are usually organised serve as a booster of creativity in their own right, whether through the colour in which the walls are painted or the colour of the furniture, the supplies you get to use, as well as the people that are working around you off whom you can bounce off ideas and gain insights you may have never gotten to by yourself due to different life circumstances.

Coworking spaces allow for added flexibility

Most coworking spaces tend to offer great flexibility when it comes to use of premises. Members of a coworking space can work within their own preferred working hours, whether it’s in the early hours of the morning or the super late hours of the night. Additionally, the work space in itself offers flexibility as one can generally change stations where they work moving from a desk, to a balcony, to a bean bag, to the kitchen, to the roof and any other available crevice that the coworking space would be able to offer.

It gives you the opportunity to grow your network

When operating your business from a coworking space, one definite advantage is that you will get to meet other individuals who might be running a business in a completely different field than yours, but just like you are striving  to grow their business. People who you wouldn’t have probably met had you rented out a private office space specifically for your company. While coworking spaces offer people a space where to grind and work, it also allows room for networking, exchanging ideas with fellow peers that also are working on their business’  success and also create a community feeling. Many people end up making long term friendships from coworking spaces.

Speaking about the concept of coworking, let us take a moment to tell you a bit about our coworking space located in Gżira, a stone’s throw away from Sliema and St Julian’s. Over at Glashaus we offer a modern work space in a small office setting to provide our clients with the opportunity to network while avoiding distractions that may come along with larger spaces hosting larger numbers of people. We offer a relaxed atmosphere, free coffee, tea & water, internet, awesome people, and stunning sea views of Valletta and the yacht harbour. When joining our Glashaus family, you can choose from a range of super flexible short- and long-term leases. Whether you just need a virtual office community, a hot desk, or even your own private office – we have the right solution for you.


Start Coworking at Glashaus in Gzira.

Glashaus Coworking Space
This is how coworking spaces are revolutionising the future of work…